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Clubbingspain Mix: The Warm Up


This mix was featured on the premier Spanish house music internet site--ClubbingSpain in early 2010. My idea was to put together a typical warm-up set with warm-weather dancefloor heat—you know, lots of funky drums and horns. While not the sort of thing that ClubbingSpain typically features (they typically have more of a techno focus) the mix was well received. Here's the original description from the old ODDIOFILE blog.

Having moved around like I have, and having relatively mellow tastes like I do has meant that over the years I've played more than my fair share of warm-up sets.  Though there's nothing quick as exhilarating as playing to a packed dancefloor in full form, there's also a great pleasure to be had in building things up at the beginning of the night. 

Why do I love to play early, as people are just getting to the club?  There's generally more freedom, for one.  The early slot is a perfect time for all the records you might not be able to get away with later; it allows a DJ to cover a wide variety of styles and genres in a short period of time--a perfect way keep it interesting and hit on the specific tastes of everyone in the room.  And, of course, when you finish the night is still young and you can relax, check out the other DJs' sets, and enjoy the full selection of beverages available at the bar. 

Recently I was in the mood for putting together just such a mix, a typical early-night set.  I was pleased with the results I decided to share them with one of Spain's finest dance music portals, Clubbingspain.  It's been getting some nice feedback so far, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to register and post a few kind words in support of the mix.

It's been some winter.  Warm up to this...