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I lived there for three years.  I had my life, my friends, my habits and haunts, my routes and routines.  As with all the places I've lived, I look back on my time in Minneapolis with a complicated and rather intense nostalgia.  Sure, I had a good friends there, and good times, but of the city itself I can't actually think of too much that I miss—and yet I do miss it. 

Because of its proximity to Detroit and Chicago, Minneapolis's dance music scene grew up in their long shadow and by the nineties MPLS had became a good, quick destination for out-of-town talent.  To this day, the Minneapolis underground remains heavily influenced by both those cities (techno and acid still hold dedicated followings).

And so we arrive at the mix.  These aren't so much the tracks I heard out at the techno clubs and parties in Minneapolis; they are tracks I wish I heard, tracks in the direction of what I did hear—only deeper.  Though I flirted with techno on a few occasions, I never really had the chance to play a full set during the 5-7am sweet spot.  Had I been given the opportunity to play at 6am at AcFab, I think I would've played something like this: edgy, moody, a bit dark—but deep.