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Nearly Breaking Even


This mix was my submission to the 2010 BBE Mixtape Competition.  Despite recording this the last day of the contest, I ended up making it to the finals and ultimately placed second. The nearly in the title refers to the fact that I almost won the contest, but the overwhelmingly positive response to the mix is more than I could reasonably expect. In reality, we're much more than even.

The mix was conceived of as a tribute to the great compilations that had come out on the BBE label, compilations which have served, over the years, as an education and inspiration.  So here are some of my favorite soul and disco cuts off of collections compiled by Kon & Amir, Al Kent, Patrick Forge, DJ Marky, Muro, Bobby & Steve, Sean P, and Joey Negro with a couple of BBE Originals (Roy Ayers & Million Dollar Disco).  

Thanks again to BBE for putting together a great contest (with a REAL prize), and for the exposure it gave me. The label continues to put out wonderful compilations; perhaps I'll record a follow-up mix someday.